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TIEKE Finnish Information Society Development Centre has a key networking role as a neutral and non-profit organisation in promoting the efforts of its members, within the public and private sectors alike, with an ultimate goal to create viable tools and expertise for use in the information society.
TIEKE´s membership mirrors an entire spectrum of Finnish society and all key players in the information society, totalling to more than one hundred organisations and companies. Members represent business enterprises who develop, manufacture, market, and support ICT products and services, as well as companies and organisations who deploy ICT in their operations. Also several ministries and public agencies, some of them directly involved in the promotion of Information Society development, have joined TIEKE's membership.

TIEKE´s main functions reflect the rapidly changing ICT environment in being flexible to change course from time to time according to need. As of today, TIEKE's main focus is on the development of networking and interoperability.

TIEKE in the international arena

• Informs international forums about the development of the Finnish information society

• Investigates practices in other countries and brings information back to Finland.

• Helps interested parties to network and envisage future possibilities.

• Promotes information society development in the rising economies.

• Opens business opportunities for Finnish companies.

• A meeting point for information society developers

TIEKE, the Finnish Information Society Development Centre, aims to play a key networking role in connecting the many different players involved in developing the Finnish information society.

As an independent national expert, TIEKE aims to bring added value to its partners through its well-established international relations and expertise.

TIEKE operates at the crossroads where business and industry, public administration and individual citizens meet.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, TIEKE serves as a meeting point and melting pot for different views and practical ideas, and generates new projects for partners to develop together.

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