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Active together

“Our task is to develop Finland as an information society in which everyone enjoys a good life.

   The effectiveness of our work is due to the strength of our networks – to continuous interactivity, thinking and having insights together, and investigating, researching and specifying solutions.

   We took some completely new steps in extending international cooperation. As well as playing an active part with regard to the needs of business and education, we helped to improve older people’s possibilities to use, and enjoy using, the internet, mobile phones and computers.

   In future years, too, we shall continue our commitment to the work of developing best practices and optimal tools to meet the needs of people, businesses and the public sector.

   TIEKE’s main focus is on the development of networking and interoperability.”

Kirsti Timperi
Acting Managing Director
TIEKE The Finnish Information Society Development Centre

TIEKEs examinations measure the ICT-skills needed in work, studies and leiseure in the Information Society. Read more: eSkills examinations
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