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eInvoice Forum

TIEKE co-ordinates the Finnish eInvoice Forum. The Forum is a central collaboration and meeting point for the different parties in the field, such as developers, service providers, experts and the users of electronic invoicing.

The main goal of the eInvoice Forum is to promote the widespread adoption and use of electronic invoicing based on common standards and procedures. A further goal is to support inter- and intra-organisational collaboration between all parties in the field.
How does the eInvoice Forum work?

To reach their goals the members of the eInvoice Forum work together both on- and off-line, with guidance set by a steering group. Much of the actual work is done in three working groups: the technical working group, the user working group and the software company working group.

The eInvoice Forum activities are guided by a steering group.

The working group consists of the banks and service providers who transmit einvoices from sellers to buyers. The task of the technical working group is to resolve technical issues in the different einvoice formats and in the transmission procedures.
User working group

The user group consists of the senders and receivers of einvoices. This means big senders of einvoices such as telecom companies and power companies, but also accountacies and other companies dealing with invoices. The task of the user working group is to reflect the ideas of the users and point out problems from the users' point of view.
Software company working group

The software company working group consists software companies who make einvoicing software. The task of the working group is to discuss and solve interoperability issues and to develop a testing service for einvoices.

Making Networking Possible

Physical networking between parties is made possible by

  • Members’ information meetings twice a year
  • Development work brainstorming with other members through the working groups
  • Opportunity to recognise and have influence on defining national development project needs in the field
  • Involvement in the development of international electronic invoicing. The eInvoice Forum co-operates with UN/CEFACT and CEN/ISS in einvoicing issues.

Membership in the eInvoice Forum

Membership in the eInvoice Forum is open to everyone. All eInvoice service providers, banks, providers of financial administration software, ASP operators and other parties involved in finance and accounting are invited as are a broad base of end users. For more information on membership of the eInvoice Forum please contact Mr. Timo Simell.
Members of e-Finnish e-Invoice Forum

eInvoicing Registry (in Finnish), contains the contact information and einvoicing addresses of Finnish companies capable of einvoicing

The contact person for the eInvoice Forum is

Timo Simell
timo.simell (at)
+358 9 4763 0433
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