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eSkills examinations

TIEKE's Computer Driving Licence and Knowledge Work Examination are certification programmes that truly measure the skills needed in Information Technology. Examination certificate is an indication of learned and applied knowledge!

TIEKE’s examinations are vendor-neutral. Syllabus of each examination is designed so that tests can be taken with any software or application. Practical application tests are offered by nearly 500 Finnish educational organizations, ranging from comprehensive schools to universities and colleges and also private training companies. Skills can be acquired through formal education or self-training. It is possible to take the tests without participating to any course. Examinations have been accomplished over 280.000 times.

The development of TIEKE’s examinations is a large-scale joint venture between public, private and third sector bodies such as the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Education, National Board of Education, educational institutions and teachers, labour unions, employers’ organisations, ICT experts and representatives from the business sector. Ongoing development work and continued maintanance of the examination is coordinated by TIEKE.

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