TALTIO-työpaja 9.3.2016

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TALTIO(XBRL GL) työpaja pidetään 9.3. klo 13-16 (@SFS, malminkatu 34), jossa Eric Cohenin (XBRL GL-taksnomian luoja) ja muiden asiantuntijoiden opastuksella perehdytään standardin saloihin. Alla pieni esittelyteksti tilaisuudesta, jonne kaikki ovat lämpimästi tervetulleita! Ilmoittautumiset viimeistään 2.3.2016 elina.koskentalo@tieke.fi. 

XBRL's Global Ledger: A holistic approach to detailed accounting data standardization (1 hour)

Global: meeting needs across regions, languages, regulators, practices, systems. Ledger: Collections of accounts, like bank, customer, accounting. Put them together and standardize them, using XBRL as a base, and you have the only holistic specification for standardizing detail within ERP and accounting systems. In this introductory session, you will learn:
- The role of XBRL GL is briding information from first transaction or business event to end report
- Where to find it, how to use it, how to get started
- How XBRL GL is the "great reconciler",

XBRL's Global Ledger: A Technical Deeper Dive (2 hours)

XBRL GL leverages the power of XML and XBRL and the semantic of the standardized, holistic, global ledger for describing, mapping, transforming, transporting, and archiving operation, business and accounting information. In "A Technical Deeper Dive", we will discuss modelling information throughout the audit supply chain with XBRL GL, discuss mapping to and with XBRL GL, and additional technical topics.

After this session you will:
- Understand how the generic structure of XBRL GL is used to capture detail from first transaction or business event through summaries and mapping to end reporting
- Have a tour guide for how to get data from existing systems to XBRL GL and back
- See how data in place, in XBRL, in CSV or other formats can all be documented, defined and validated using XBRL GL

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